Maddox's Indie Game Addictions of the Week (MIGAW) #2

Procrastination. That's why this is a day late. I apologize for any inconvenience if any of our 2 or 3 devotees are agitated in any way. 

Tig Source hosted a cockpit game competition a few weeks ago and this hilariously fun little game by Cracker
blocks came out the winner. In it, you assume control of a car-driving bear who is vehicully hunting for fish and berries so he can fattern up before hibernation. The game is controlled by using the mouse pointer to control the bear's every move, be it pressing the gas/brake pedal, spinning the steering wheel, or throwing an angry badger out the window to give a few examples. Controlling the car is very difficult but that's what makes the game so fun: feeling as terrible and clueless at                                                                             driving as a real bear. Pick this one up here.

Final Grade: B

This digital toy is a little more on the artsy side but I found myself enjoying it. I can't say too much about this game because the point of playing it is finding your own interpretation and figuring out how the different game elements interact with each other. Play it here. This game is by Ludomancy which has some other wonderful experimental games.

Final Grade: B

Image from here

The latest major release from Edmund Mcmillan (of Meat Boy fame), Spewer is a liquid-physics puzzler where you can control a cute, little, pink, ball creature whose MO is eating, spewing and swimming through his own vomit to get to the respective exits of many examination rooms. It's a lot less gross than it sounds. To mix things up, there are different types of vomit at your disposal: the white bile, for example, floats like a cloud which you can then use a liquid platform. There's a lot of challenge and content here but your patience and commitment will be rewarded. Play it here but be warned: as this game is heavily physics based, you will need a fairly decent computer to run it. Expect my full review of Spewer and last week's MIGAW winner, Glumbuster, in the near future.

Final Grade: A-

Image from here

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