Maddox's Indie Game Addictions of the Week (MIGAW) #1

I figured a little weekly, listed feature (everyone loves lists!) would spice things up, so every Sunday I will post my favorite 2 or (hopefully) 3  free indie games of the week. 
OK, enough talkin - It's business time.

Pandaland is very simplistic retro-platformer that puts you in the knee-high socks and headband of some hipster girl as she travels through 4 subrban locales, throwing cherries at enemy-hipsters and collecting iPods, pizzas, ice cream cones, and other random crap to increase your score and "pepp." As their site is in German (i think) I have know idea why the developers named it "Pandaland". If you know why, help a brother out and share this incredibly valuable info with me. The game is fun and has a great nostalgic, NES feel to it. The chiptune soundtrack is killer too. Download it here.

Great game! 
If you want to know (probably too much) more about it, read my review.

Check this one out at Blurst.

I don't wanna say too much about Glumbuster other than that it epitomizes what makes indie adventure gaming wonderful: unique gameplay, heavy emphasis on exploration, non-traditional storytelling, beautifully rendered, hand-drawn environments and so much more. You need to play this game, period. 

Even better than making the game completely free, game creator, Cosmind, has made this game charity-ware. That is, all voluntary payment for this game goes directly to charity.                                                                             Bravo, sir.

Download it here and stay tuned because I will be posting a full review of this superb gaming experience sometime this week. Thanks for reading.

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