Gear Review: Ducti Classic Bi-Fold Wallet

Ducti makes accessories for nerds, geeks, and others who may have a duct tape fetish. Their flagship product is the Classic Bi-Fold Wallet, the perfect companion for your pocket binary to hex conversion chart, homemade AD&D creature cards, and photos of your online girlfriend from Japan.

You may ask yourself, "why buy a duct tape wallet for $20 when I can easily make one for a fraction of the cost?". The answer is twofold: your wallet will be uglier and less functional than the Ducti, and after sitting in front of your computer for hours on end, the glue from normal duct tape will melt and ruin your finest pair of keyboard infused trousers.

Ducti uses a magical, space age duct tape that, while not bulletproof, could easily and permanently heal a flesh wound. The adhesive used is much more like Super Glue than tape glue, refusing to give way under almost any circumstance. Now don't get me wrong, if you often let your dog use your wallet in lieu of rawhide, then this wallet isn't for you. However I can personally attest to the durability of the Ducti Bi-Fold; I finally retired my first Ducti after over 5 years of service. Note that this almost entirely for aesthetic reasons. I can't have the cashier at Grand Asia Market think I'm passing fake bills to pay for my Giant Pocky because my wallet is in such disrepair.

The innards of the Ducti Bi-Fold are what you would expect out of a wallet. Four card slots on the left side and a clear five card / photo book on the right. Beneath each is another pocket for miscellanea. The top opens to reveal the standard cash pouch, in which comes a 3.5" x 2" patch of the aforementioned magical Ducti duct tape for repair work or emergency skin graft. Four shiny rivets ensure that your valuables remain in place and two metal grommets are available for those who enjoy the extra security a wallet chain provides. A divided cash pouch would be appreciated as would slightly wider card slots on the left, but these minor complaints hardly detract from the utility of the wallet.

Besides the functional aspects of the Ducti, there is the added bonus of carrying an instant conversation piece in your back pocket. Countless times have I received a complement or comment from someone tasked with taking my money. Too, it's hard to mistake your wallet for someone else's, as you will probably be the only person you know carrying a Ducti. Add in the fact that it's not made from a mammalian carcass and you have a no-brainer of a wallet choice.

Final Grade: A

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